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               As you know that, the equipments and appliances we use , may undergo some wear and tear. Some fine dust particals, smoke and dirt may be deposited on keypad, operational panels, micro switches. And there after good amount of moisture and humidity may start corrosion on the microswitches , carbon pad  and printed circuit boards. Slowly our precious equipments are getting damaged, spoiled and becomes non functional and finally dead. 

             So in order to save our equipments from such natural damages, tear and wear, corrosion   etc. etc.  we need a regular internal cleaning, servicing, oiling, checking. setting alligning of the service points to provide a  long  life  trouble free service.

This is being done at our service centre free of charge for members.

Bring your devices for regular checkup and services. 

Contact Today :      098265-10328, 93032-70861

Shreeji  Electronics,  

Shop 3, Maxtel Complex,

36 Jail Road, Near: Gujarat Tent 


email: nimesh_rathod@indiatimes.com





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